Mozilla Plans To Rewrite Its XUL-Written UI In HTML, CSS And JavaScript

In order to conquer the internet yet again, Mozilla has decided to make rebuild the Firefox UI with modern web technologies as a replacement for the current XUL (XML User Interface Language).

The XUL has caused performance issues and developers avoided it, Firefox being the only browser to use it on a regular basis. Many developers decide not to create Firefox extensions because of this interface language.

Most likely, XUL will be replaced by a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Also, by dropping XUL (Mozilla specific language), the Gecko engine, which the browser is based on, will become lighter.

I am an old Firefox user myself (meh, I have switched to Pale Moon, but that is still Firefox) but I think they need to rethink the whole “browser business” and to bring unique features if they want to become the #1 Internet Browser again. Though competing with Google and winning is almost impossible.

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3 comments on “Mozilla Plans To Rewrite Its XUL-Written UI In HTML, CSS And JavaScript
  1. Shalok Shalom says:

    Write it in Qt 😀

  2. Google pushed Chrome on Windows like a virus. It was being bundled with so many other software installation setup applications. Eventually people got used to it and started moving away from Mozilla Firefox.

    Chrome/Chromium look horrid on Linux. The application uses a non-standard way to hide the title bar (without using client-side decorations). It simply doesn’t fit into my desktop.

    After two decades of using Linux, I still feel Firefox is the better choice for Linux but that is my subjective answer 🙂

    On Windows, the whole web was being designed for Mozilla’s Gecko and so Internet Explorer lagged behind. Eventually html5 came in and everyone had a clean start. Google Chrome has and advantage on html5 but Mozilla Firefox is catching up very quickly.

    Another thing is ideally advertising companies should not be allowed to take advantage of internet software. Google’s browser history/bookmarks syncing is not only uses to sync information across devices. Google uses it to know what ads to deliver to you on websites.
    This is basically Google using its Chrome market share for profit which is an unfair advantage towards other vendors such as Mozilla and Microsoft. This is something that should be illegal.

    • Geekster says:

      I read an article a while ago stating “Is Firefox still needed by the internet?”

      Unfortunately, I think it isn’t. It is not the first browser to adopt new features, it isn’t solid as a rock anymore (i switched to palemoon because it is based on ESRs and regular Firefox was too unstable for my style of browsing – managing bookmarks in folders and launching tabs simultaneously – i am kinda oldschool), the good old design is now Chrome-ish (bad decision, but not decisive – if you ask me).

      Firefox should not be yet another internet browser. I like the way they are taking it with the FFX Hello thing, because they want to break the pattern with this kind of features. and it may even be useful.

      some years ago, firefox was the browser that provided me a more secured internet experience, compared to IE. Today, competing with Chrome and Google, that’s not enough anymore.

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