Nautilus 3.18.2 Brings Awesome New Features

Part of the GNOME 3.18 stack, Nautilus 3.18.2 brings impressive new features. GNOME’s default file manager brings a new features that displays external disk drives and SD cards in the sidebar instead of the Other Places menu, better support for Samba shares has been implemented and improved support for opening a new window via command-line has been added as well.

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Other changes:

  • Allow 3rd party themes to tweak operations button color
  • Fix recurrent crash when closing Nautilus
  • Avoid empty operations popover
  • Fix nautilus opening locations in a different window than the one the user is using
  • Fix Other Places lock ups
  • Adapt rename entry to the width of the file and increase the minimum
  • Increase max width of operations popover to fix ellipsize translations
  • Fix recurrent crashers

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