New Information About Valve’s SteamOS Has Been Released

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Valve has initiated some ambitions projects: the SteamOS, a Linux operating system optimized for gaming, the Steam Machine, a gaming colsole that will run with SteamOS and the Steam Controller, a game controller specially designed for SteamOS and the Steam Machine. A demo video of the Steam Controller can be found here.

Steam In-Home Streaming is a new and important feature that enables the users to stream games from one computer to another, via Steam. At first, the feature will be included in some Beta versions of the Steam client, enabling only some randomly selected gamers to test it. Later, the new features will be included in both SteamOS and The Steam Machine.

New Information About Valve's SteamOS Has Been Leaked On The Internet

Also, Valve has began to include SteamOS enhancements to the Steam Big Picture gamming mode. When launched with steam -steamos from the terminal, the latest Steam client displays SteamOS options, such as “SteamOS Version” and a “Check for SteamOS updates” and that’s about it.

To my mind, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Valve will push more SteamOS features to the beta clients of Steam, since they have a good reputation of testing everything before fully integrating.

Also worth mentioning is that SteamOS will not be based on Ubuntu, but a custom made Linux system and it will not provide the basic functions of a normal OS, since it won’t have a file manager or a image view aplication. However, it will most likely have support for streaming video services, like Netflix or Hulu Plus, since Valve has announced that the most popular and loved TV shows, music videos and other video media will be available via Steam and SteamOS.

If everything goes according to plan, SteamOS will be released on the 13th of November, 2013.

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