New Mageia 3 ISO Images Have Been Released

New Mageia 3 ISO images have been released, using the distribution’s classic installer, because of a bug that has just been fixed. The users who specified the use of online repositories got development packages instead of stable ones.

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New Mageia 3 ISO Images Have Been Released

The bug caused the distribution to install Cauldron packages, which is a development version for now. But the Mageia developers have fixed the issue with the server and got another problem. The users that wanted Cauldron packages got the stable ones of Mageia 3, after the server fix. To make things right, the users have to manually adjust the sources, in order to get the real Cauldron packages.

The users that download the new ISO images are adviced to check the DATE.txt on the mirror servers, in order not to get the old, buggy images. The ISOs they download should be uploated on 6th of June, or later.

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