News: Android 5.0 May Be Released In October

There are many rumours and speculations that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will be released on October this year, but still no official information yet.

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Android 5.0 May Be Released In October

The new Android version will be optimized to work on devices with 512MB of RAM. Android 4.3, which will be released in the following weeks is adjusted to work for 32 bit desktop computers and gadgets, so the brand new Android 5.0 should be better even better.

In a few years, maybe earlier, Android will become an important operating system for both desktops and devices. Because Microsoft has made Windows 8 lighter, Google has to get one step further.

Working with only 512MB or RAM, the Android 5.0 would be a good choice also for Raspberry Pi and other ARM “computers”.

Some tech bloggers have written that the new Android 5.0 will be released in the same period as Nexus 5 or Moto X, Motorola’s new smartphone. So, October 2013 could bring many new operating systems to play with: Android 5.0, Tizen and the last but not least Ubunto Touch.

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