OpenSUSE Considers To Drop LXDE In Favour Of E17

The OpenSUSE team thinks of dropping the LXDE desktop environment and switch to Enlightenment 17 (E17), because LXDE has not been updated in a long time, and E17 is actively maintained.

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“I’d like to make E17 available for openSUSE users through installer and on DVD. Unfortunately DVD is already more than full so to get something in means get something out at the same time. There is one obvious choice – LXDE doesn’t seem to be much alive.”

This doesn’t mean that packages would be dropped, it only means that packages won’t be available on DVD and installation choice would be removed,” said openSUSE developer Tomas Cech, in a mailing list message.

Despite that LXDE might not be available as default, it can be installed from the default repositories.

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