OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 Has Been Released, Using Kernel 4.1.6 As Default

As we have previously written, the SUSE team is working at a new Linux systems called OpenSUSE Leap, a system focused on stability, including LTS/ESR and stable apps only.

OpenSUSE 42.1 Leap has been released, using Kernel 4.1.6 as the default kernel, LibreOffice 5.0, Mozilla Firefox 40, Mozilla Thunderbird 38.2, Git 2.5.0, digiKam 4.11, GNU Compiler Collection 4.8.5, Binutils 2.25, GDB (GNU Debugger) 7.9.1, CMake 3.3.1, PostgreSQL 9.3.8, MariaDB 10.0.20, Samba 4.1.12, LVM2 1.02.97, Apache 2.4.16, and btrfs-progs 4.1.2 programs have also been included, along with GGC 5 as an optional alternative to GCC 4.8.5 pre-installed and KDE 4.11.21 as the default desktopn evironment.

If everything goes well, the RC1 version of OpenSUSE Leap will be released on the 15th of October, the Goldmaster build is scheduled for the 30th of October and the final release will be available of everybody starting with the 4th of November.

The system can be downloaded from here.

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