OpenSUSE Leap 42 Will Be An OpenSUSE Flavor For The Users That Need A Stable System

As you may know, the SUSE developers have decided to create OpenSUSE Leap version 42, which would change the OpenSUSE system as we know it.

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For now, only Milestone 1 has been released, OpenSUSE Leap 42 LTS being scheduled for release in November 2015 and promises to use Kernel 4.1, GNOME 3.16 and KDE 5.

While OpenSUSE Thumbeweed is a rolling release system that adopts bleeding edge technologies fast, Leap is a more stable system, including LTS/ESR and stable apps only.

OpenSUSE Leap 42 Milestone 1 can be downloaded from here and should be tested inside a Virtual machine.

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