Oracle Java 7 Has Been Added To Raspbian’s Default Repositories

Hello Linux Geeksters. Since the Raspberry Pi provides a teaching environment for people of all ages, it is good to have support for many popular programming languages.

The Oracle Java 7 has been added to the default Rapsberian repositories. Since Java is the most popular programming language and the Oracle Java offers better performance than OpenJDK on the ARM architecture, this is really good news.

Oracle Java 7 Has Been Added To Raspbian's Default Repositories

The next Raspian images come with Oracle Java 7 already installed, but if you want to install the Oracle Java 7 without upgrading the system, do:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-jdk

As you may know, Raspberry PI is an ARM computer, having the size of a credit card. It uses a special Linux distribution, optimized for the ARM architecture. Because of its low resource consuption, it is ideal for hosting small web services. Also, Google has created Coder, a development platform that helps the users easily build Raspberry Pi web apps. For more information, see article.

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