Nmap 7.11 (Network Mapper And Port Scanner) Has Been Released

As you may know, Nmap is a command-line network exploration tool that supports ping scanning to determine the online hosts, port scanning techniques and TCP/IP fingerprinting for remote device identification. The latest version available is Nmap 7.11, which brings the below

Double Commander 0.7.1 Brings New Features

As you may know, Double Commander is an open-source two panel (placed side by side) file manager, similar to the good old Total Commander. Main features: Support for Unicode The operations run in the background only Support for tabs The

Albert 0.8.3 Is A Synapse-Like Quick Launcher

As you may know, Albert is an open-source Launcher for Linux, written in C++ and Qt5, with features similar to Synapse. The user is capable of configuring a hotkey for opening the launcher and can easily find software via the

Google’s Next “Pixel” Device (Probably A Chromebook) Will Have 16GB Of RAM And Backlit Keyboard

As you may know, Google has created its own laptops, named Chromebooks, using Chrome OS as the main operating system, instead of Windows or Mac OS X. Like the Nexus devices, the Chromebooks are manufactured by different vendors, including HP,

How To Install Spotify 1.x (Stable) On Ubuntu, Debian And Derivative Systems

Spotify is a popular music streaming site that gives you access to all your favorite songs. Spotify has also a Spotify client for Linux, that helps you use the spotify service better. The latest version available is Spotify 1.x Stable,

Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 Will Be Released In April

As you may know, Ubuntu Touch is the mobile version of the Ubuntu desktop, specially created by Canonical to compete with Android and iOS. Unlike the two mobile operating systems, Ubuntu Touch gets updated a lot more frequently. Recently, Łukasz

Kernel 3.19.8 CKT17 Is Now Available For Free Download

As you may know, Kernel 3.19 has reached EOL (end of life), but because it is used by default on Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet, the development has been adopted by Canonical. Recently, Kernel 3.19.8 CKT17 has been released, bringing bug-fixes

Kernel 4.1.20 Has Been Released

Greg Kroah-Hartman has released Kernel 4.1.20 LTS, bringing updates, enhancements and optimizations. Also worth mentioning: Starting with Kernel 4.0 the long awaited Life Patching feature has been implemented, permitting the users to update the kernel without having to reboot the

Edubuntu 16.04 Won’t Be Released, Edubuntu 14.04 Supported Until 2019

As you may know, Edubuntu (previously named Ubuntu Education Edition) is an Ubuntu flavor specially created for schools, students and people with education purposes. It is a regular Ubuntu fork, but has software for teachers and students pre-installed. Edubuntu uses

P.S. Notes 0.11.8 Is A Note Taking App With Synchronization Features

As you may know, P.S. Notes is a free and open-source software note taking application that permits the users to easily write notes, save them on the cloud and sync them with other devices, via Dropbox. It also has a



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