GhostWriter 1.3.2 A Distraction Free Markdown Editor For Ubuntu

As you may know, GhostWriter is a free and open-source, distraction-free, markdown editor for Ubuntu. The latest version available is GhostWriter 1.3.2, which comes with changes. Main features: syntax highlighting of Markdown navigation of document headings full-screen mode focus mode

OpenToonz Is The Open-Source Version of Toonz, The Software Used For Creating Futurama And Asterix

As you may know, Toonz is a popular software used for creating 2D content, used at popular animations, like Futurama, Asterix and Anastasia. Recently, the Toonz developers have decided to create open-source the project under the OpenToonz name and provide

Blender 2.77 Has Been Released

As you may know, Blender is a powerful suite for animation, modeling, interactive creation, post-production with support for a lot of file formats. The latest version available is Blender 2.77, which has been recently released, coming with a bunch of

PearOS 9.3 Is A Revamped Pear OS Clone (Ubuntu Fork That Looks Like Mac OS X)

As you may know, Pear OS was an Ubuntu-based operating system that used similar artwork and theme with Apple’s Mac OS X. There were rumors that a big (still unknown) company has acquired the OS and discontinued the project. Last

How To Install Brackets 1.5 On Fedora 23 And Fedora 22

As you may know, Brackets, the open-source editor created by Adobe is now available for Linux systems. It is very usefull for web designers and developers, because it has support for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Even dough is lightweight, it

Chromixium OS Has Been Renamed To Cub Linux

As you may know, Google has created their own laptops for office work called Chromebooks, using ChromeOS as default. Also, an open-source ChromeOS-fork has been released, being called Chromixium OS. Recently, the developer has renamed Chromixium OS into Cub Linux,

OpenWrt 15.05 (Linux Based Router OS) Has Been Released

As you may know, OpenWrt is a Linux based operating system for routers, simulating a powerful OS present on modern and expensive routers. The latest version available is OpenWrt 15.05.1, which updates the main components. Among others, it adopted Kernel

SteamOS 2.67 Beta (Valve’s Linux System For Gaming) Received Interesting Features

Valve has recently released Steam OS 2.67 Beta, which is their Debian-based Linux system created by Valve to conquer your living room. This release contains mostly bug-fixes, but it has also received an update for the PulseAudio sound server, received

Classic Menu Indicator 0.10 Adds Support For Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus LTS

As you know, the Classic Menu Indicator is a the notification area applent for the old Gnome. (The default one in Ubuntu 11.10). It provides a classic GNOME-style application menu for those who don’t like the Unity Dash. The latest

UbuntuBSD Is An Ubuntu 15.10 Flavor That Uses The FreeBSD Kernel

As a reminder, Debian has replaced its good old sysVinit with Red Hat’s systemd, starting with the release of Debian Jessie. Ubuntu has also adopted the change, Mark’s system being a Debian-derivative, but this under the hood change made a



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