Thunderbird 38.5.1 Brings Small Fixes Only

As you may know, Thunderbird is an open-source e-mail client and chat client developed by Mozilla. Among others, it has support for email addresses, newsgroup, news feed and chat (XMPP, IRC, Twitter) Client, managing multiple accounts. Also, it has support

BleachBit 1.10 Brings A Big List Of Changes

As you may know, BleachBit is a cleanup program (the Linux equivalent of the CCleaner from Windows), that gets rid of the temporary files on your computer, reduces the number on unnecesary files, in order to increase the free space and

How To Install Timekpr 0.3.5 (Open-Source Parental Control Software) On Ubuntu

As you may know, Timekpr is an open-source parental control software, allowing admins to choose when a computer can be used and when it cannot. The users’ daily usage can be limited in certain time intervals, accounts can be locked,

PlayOnLinux 4.2.10 Has Been Released

Edit: Due to the fact that this article is old, the installation instructions may not work anymore. In order to successfully install the latest version of PlayOnLinux, please access the playonlinux tag and open the latest article (the one on

How To Install DVDStyler 2.9.6 on Ubuntu 15.10, Ubuntu 14.04 And Derivative Systems

As you may know, DVDStyler is a multi-platform, open-source DVD authoring application that allows the users to create professional looking Video-DVDs. Among others, it has a user-friendly GUI, support for drag & drop and copy/paste, has support for AVI, MOV,

Q4OS 2.0.2 Scorpion (Windows-XP Like System) Is Now Available As Beta

As you may know, Q4OS is a Debian-based Linux system that uses Trinity Desktop as default and mimics Windows XP, while using a Linux Kernel. Recently, the Q4OS developers have announced the release of Q4OS 2.0.2 “Scorpion” Beta, which uses

Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 Has Been Rescheduled For January 27

As you may know, Canonical is focused on constantly updating Ubuntu Touch, which is the mobile version of Ubuntu. At first, the release of Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 Update was scheduled for January 20, but the developers have postponed it until

uNav (Ubuntu Touch GPS Software) Has Received New Features

As you may know, uNav is a free, open-source GPS navigation software specially built for Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch by a third party developer and Ubuntu enthusiast. Marcos Costales has recently updated the GPS software, implementing a bunch of interesting new

Firefox OS 2.5 Will Be Powering Panasonic DX900 UHD TVs

As you may know, Mozilla had ambitious plans with its Firefox OS, but not long ago, they have decided to ditch the plans for creating a mobile operating system for tablets and smartphones and focus on an OS that uses

2016 Will Bring Interesting Linux Mint Updates

As you may know, the Linux Mint developers have decided to adopt only the LTS versions of Ubuntu as code-base and focus on implementing Linux Mint-specific fixes and enhancements. According to the Linux Mint Monthly News blog post from December



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