RetroPie 3.0 Helps You Create A Raspberry Pi Powered Gaming Console

As you may know, RetroPie is an open-source operating system that creates a vintage game system from the Raspberry Pi 2 ARM singleboard computer. RetroPie 3.0 turns Raspberry Pi into a classic game console, running with Raspbian and having support

An Arduino-Powered Smartwatch Has Been Created

A DIY geek has managed to create an Arduino-powered smartwatch that displays the Altitude, temperature and has compass and pedometer sensors. The developer used an Arduino Pro Mini devboard, a cellphone battery, an old digital watch to hold the PCB

Geary 0.10 Is Now Available By Default On Elementary OS

As you may know, Geary is an open-source email client, installed by default on Elementary OS, but available via the default repositories on other systems as well. Recently, one of the Elementary OS developers has announced that Geary 0.10.0 has

How To Install Geary 0.10.0 (Open-Source Email Client) On Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04 And Derivative Systems

As you may know, Geary is a lightweight email client, written in Vala, built for the Gnome desktop. It is also the default mail client on Elementary OS 0.2 Luna. The latest version available is Geary 0.10.0, which has been

Canonical Will Not Rebase Ubuntu Touch To Ubuntu 15.10 Soon

As you may know, Ubuntu Touch, Canonical’s mobile operating system, is currently based on Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet, only the development branches using Ubuntu Wily for now. Canonical’s not planning to upgrade the Ubuntu Touch RTM branch to Ubuntu 15.10

Tails 1.5 (Open-source Privacy-Focused Operating System) Has Been Released

As you may know, Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) is the open-source, privacy-focused operating system used by Edward Snowden to leak NSA classified documents in the press. Unlike other operating systems, Tails disguises the footprints of the users and

Unity 8 Has Received An Improved Thumbnailer An HotSpot Support In The Network Indicator

As you may know, Unity 8 is Canonical’s next generation desktop environment, currently used on the mobile version of Ubuntu only, along with Mir. While it is still under development, the developers being focused on porting Unity 8 to the

Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Update Won’t Install Dekko And Calendar As Default

As a you may already know, Ubuntu Touch is a stable operating system, but it is not mature enough, compared to Android and iOS. For now, there are three Ubuntu Phones: Bq Aquaris E5 HD, Bq Aquaris E4.5, Meizu MX4,

How To Install Unison 2.48.3 (Open-Source File Synchronization Software) On Ubuntu 15.10, Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04 And Derivative Systems

As you may know, Unison is an cross-platform, open-source file synchronization software that permits the users to store to copies of files and folders on two different hosts. When you want to merge the two copies, the archives get compared

Kernel 4.2 RC6 Has Been Implemented On The Ubuntu 15.10 Development Branch

As you may know, Canonical’s plan is to use Kernel 4.2 as default on the final version of Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf system. The developers are already working towards this direction. Recently, they have announced that Kernel 4.2 RC6 has



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