PCLinuxOS “Full Monty” Has Been Released

PCLinuxOS “Full Monty” has been released today. PCLinuxOS uses Debian and Ubuntu’s apt package manager, and synaptic, a GUI for apt, but works with RPM packages, not deb, like Debian.

Among the specific PCLinuxOS tools, it has a script called mylivecd, creating a snapshot of the current distribution, allowing the users to easily back up the system.

PCLinuxOS “Full Monty” comes with three flavours, LXDE, KDE and Gnome, has kernel 3.4.49, support for the NVIDIA and ATI fglrx graphical drivers. It has by default already installed Firefox 21, Gimp 2.8.4, Thunderbird 17.0.6, VLC 2.0.7, gcc 4.7.2, MesaLib 9.1.3, alsa-lib 1.0.25, glibc 2.16, grub 0.97 (the old grub1, from Debian Lenny) and xorg-server 1.10.4.

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2 comments on “PCLinuxOS “Full Monty” Has Been Released
  1. skrishna says:

    Fix the kernel version. It is 3.4.49, Not 4.3.49. We’ll i had resolution issues on my Samsung NP550.. with Nvidia optimus.

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