Pentoo 2015.0 RC4.6 Has Been Released With A Brand New Installer

Pentoo 2015.0 RC4.6 is a free and open-source Linux system based on the good old Gentoo Linux, ideal for network engineers and hackers.

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Among others, Pentoo 2015.0 RC4.6 has received a new installer, tested by the team in real-life scenarios, usability improvements have been implemented and a lot of bugs have been squashed as well.

While this is only a pre-release system, the Pentoo team is prepping for a major release, which should get interesting new features and tools.

Pentoo 2015.0 RC4.6 is available for free download at this mirror. Keep in mind that it is a RC version and problems may be encountered. It is best to avoid installing RCs on production machines, ideal being to use virtualization software such as Virtualbox or VMWare.

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