Primus: The Concept Of A Chromed Ubuntu Touch Smartphone

Hello Linux Geeksters. A while ago, I have written about Ubuntu Eon, a concept phone for Ubuntu Touch. Also, Naveen Kumarasinghe, a third party developer has created Primus, the concept of a chromed smartphone.

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The Primus smartphone has a design similar to LG G2, having a 4.3/5 inch display and a case made entirely from chrome. Primus: The Concept Of A Chromed Ubuntu Touch Smartphone

For those who don’t know, Ubuntu Touch is a the mobile version of Ubuntu, specially optimized to work on the Google Nexus smartphones and tablets. For now, Ubuntu Touch has been optimized for Google Nexus 4, but the latest updates brought improved support also for Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. Despite the fact that Canonical’s mobile OS is not mature enough to compete with Android or iOS, it is stable enough for providing a good experience.

Mark Shuttleworth’s dream is to reach a full mobile-desktop convergence as soon as possible, or at least before Windows achieves this. He thinks that the convergence will happen somewhere between Ubuntu 14.10 and Ubuntu 15.04, so most likely, 2014 will bring smartphones with Ubuntu Touch pre-installed.

Mark has also announced that they have signed with a mobile phone manufacturer (for now unknown) to release Ubuntu Touch powered smartphones. (via)

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