Q4OS: A Debian Based Windows XP Style Linux Distribution

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may or may not know, Q4OS 0.5.0 is a lightweight Debian based operating system, using the Trinity (a KDE fork) desktop environment as default. Trinity is the best choise for the users that want to use Windows software on Linux systems. It does not have native windows support (like ReactOS), but it works well with Wine.

Q4OS: A Debian Based Windows XP Style Linux Distribution

Unfortunatelly, Q4OS 0.5.0 has old software and runs Kernel 3.2.0.

Wine is in the default repositories, so all you have to do to install it is:

$ sudo aptitude update
$ sudo aptitude install wine

The official site and distrowatch do not offer many information about Q4OS, but I hope it will be updated soon, since it may be an ideal OS for old computers.

Download Links:

  • Q4OS 0.5.0 for 32 bit systems
  • Q4OS 0.5.0 for 64 bit systems
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