Raspberry Pi B+=Raspberry Pi B + 14 New GPIO Pins + 2 Extra USB

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced the Raspberry Pi B+ version, which is the latest revision of the ARM single-board computer, until the next major release, scheduled for 2017, which should bring a faster CPU and bigger memory.

Raspberry Pi B+=Raspberry Pi B + 14 New GPIO Pins + 2 Extra USB

Raspberry Pi B+ has almost the same hardware specs as the B Model, using a BC

M2835 CPU and 512 MB of RAM. The difference is that Model B+ has 40 GPIO pins (while model B has only 26), comes with 4 USB ports (model B has only two), it has a microSD card slot (as a replacement for the SD card slot, from Model B), the power consumption has been reduced from 3W/hour to 2 W/hour, the audio circuit got a dedicated low-noise power supply, the form factor is cleaner and it got mounting holes.

The Raspberry Pi B+ is available the same price as the Raspberry Pi B Model (35$) and will not replace the old B Model, or at least not yet. If you want to toy around with the new RasPi board, you can order it from here.

Also, for a bunch of presentation videos for the B+ model, see this link.

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