Raspberry Pi Got Support For The Open Source SDL2 Library

Hello Linux Geeksters. Raspberry Pi got support for the open-source SDL2 library, a library useful for gaming and other multimedia software without needing an X.Org Server. It also supports OpenGL ES 2.0, ALSA-based sound, evdev-based input devices, and udev-based input device hot-plugging support.

SDL 2.0.1 will officially support Raspberry Pi. If everything goes as planed, SDL2 will also support Mir and Wayland, soon enough.

The past weekend brought many changes and improvements to the Raspberry Pi. Both Raspbian and the NOOBS installer have been updated and Oracle Java 7 has been added to the official repositories.

Raspberry Pi Got Support For The Open Source SDL2 Library

For those who don’t know, Raspberry Pi is a mini-computer with the size of a credit-card, having a 700 Mhz ARM CPU, 512 MB of RAM, USB ports, Ethernet port, HDMI port for pluging TVs or monitors, and supports SD cards up to 32 GB. Used with a keyboard, mouse and plugged in at a TV, this small ARM device turns into a modest computer, good for daily basic tasks.

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