Robolinux 8.3 Raptor And Robolinux Multimedia Bonanza Have Been Released

As you may know, RoboLinux is an one of the most awesome Debian derivative systems available, because it is capable of emulating Windows software natively in Stealth virtual machines.

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Recently, the developers have announced the release of two new Robolinux systems, Robolinux 8.3 Raptor, available with Cinnamon, MATE, XFCE and LXDE desktop environments, and Robolinux Multimedia Bonanza.

After they have ran a poll to find out from the users which apps they want to be installed by default on the system, and so, they have added Spotify, OpenShot, gThumb, Pinta, Blender 3D, Photo Filmstrip, Scribus, Privoxy, Tor Browser, Tor Chat, Bleachbit, ClamAV, Keepassx and Wireshark and a few pieces of software which weren’t requested by users: Wi-Fi and printer drivers and security updates from the Debian repositories, to Robolinux 8.3 Raptor.

For more information, see the official announcement.

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