Sailfish OS Has Been Demoed On The Google Nexus 5 Smartphone

Hello Jolla Enthusiasts. As a reminder, Sailfish OS has been officially ported on the LG Nexus 4 device.

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Yesterday, Sailfish OS has been demoed on a Google Nexus 5 smartphone, and to my mind, it runs quite well. See it for yourself in the below video. Also, some screenshots of Sailfish OS running on Nexus 5 can be seen here.

While this is an unofficial porting of Sailfish OS on Nexus 5, it will receive enhancements and most likely, a fully functional Sailfish OS image for Nexus 5 will be available soon.

For those who don’t know yet, Jolla is a project developed by former Nokia employees. The first Jolla smartphone is running on Sailfish OS, a modified Megoo Linux system, which is Android compatible, uses Wayland as the default display server , uses Nokia N9′s Maliit touchscreen keyboard and comes with interchangeable covers, allowing the users to easily switch them, in order to change the color/model of the phone and comes with impressive hardware specifications.

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