Samsung Releases Samsung Galaxy S4 With Tizen 3.0 In 2014

For those who don’t know yet, Tizen OS is a Linux based operating system optimized for tablets and phones, developed by Intel and Samsung and sponsored by the Linux Foundation.

Samsung Releases Samsung Galaxy S4 With Tizen 3.0 In 2014

The first smartphone to debut Tizen on the mobile phone market will be Samsung Galaxy S4, witch will have Tizen 3.0 preinstalled, running Wayland as a display server. This may be a reason why Intel has invested many effort and money on improving Wayland, dropping the support for Canonical’s Mir.

For know, we know only that Samsung will release Samsung Galaxy S4 with Tizen 3.0, in 2014.

Also, Samsung and Intel are developing the Tizen Shell, a new desktop environment that will be probably used on Tizen devices and even Linux desktops.

To my mind, Tizen can become very popular since 80% of the Android apps are compatible with Tizen.

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