Scan QR codes in Ubuntu with libdecodeqr-simpletest

In this short article I will show you how to use the libdecodeqr-examples tool for scanning QR codes, and of cource, how to install libdecodeqr-examples on Ubuntu 12.04/12.10, Linux Mint 13/14 and Debian Sid.

QR codes can be also decoded with ZBAR. Read here more about ZBAR here.

The libdecodeqr-examples tool is in the default repositories from the Linux distros I have just mentioned.

Installing libdecodeqr-examples on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian:

To install it just type, in your terminal: sudo apt-get install libdecodeqr-examples

To decode a QR code, we use libdecodeqr-simpletest, from the libdecodeqr-examples package.

Starting the QR decode:

libdecodeqr-simpletest picture.png will decode the picture.png file.

$ libdecodeqr-simpletest picture.png
libdecodeqr version 0.9.3 ($Rev: 42 $)

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