Schedule Shutdown with EasyShutdown

Hello Linux Geeksters.

In this article I will show you how to install and use the EasyShutdown application, for scheduling the computer turn off, on Ubuntu systems.

What is EasyShutdown and how to use it?

EasyShutdown is a graphical user inteface application that easily helps you schedule the shutdown process You can use a list of predefined number of minutes:

Or type the number of hours / minutes / seconds you want to shutdown your computer in:

How to install EasyShutdown?

If I have convinsed you, install EasyShutdown. To do that, download this deb file:

$ wget -c

And install it:

$ sudo dpkg -i easyshutdown*.deb

If you get dependency issues, try to install easyshutdown with gdebi:

$ sudo gdebi easyshutdown*.deb

To run EasyShutdown, just type it’s name in the Unity Dash:


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