Script that Opens the Terminal and Executes Some Commands

Sometimes it is not enought to schedule some scripts in the background to run. In this article I will show you how to make a script to open a terminal, execute some commands and allows you to see the output.

This can be done with the virtual terminal you like the most. Add one of the following lines to a startup script. You can open 5 terminals which exec 5 different commands, by pasting one of this lines 5 times and replacing the /path/to/command with the path for your script)

gnome-terminal -e /path/to/command


xterm /path/to/command


konsole -e /path/to/command

If you want to keep your terminal opened after the task is finished, use –noclose for konsole and -hold for gnome-terminal (I don’t remember the flag for xterm right now, sorry.)

$ gnome-terminal -e /path/to/command -hold

$ konsole -e /path/to/command --noclose

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