Siduction Is The First Linux System That Uses LXQt As Default

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, the LXDE developers have started the porting of their LXDE desktop environment to Qt, the new project being called LXQt. While LXDE is based on GTK+2, the developers have decided to port LXDE on Qt5, instead of GTK+3.

Also worth mentioning, due to the fact that LXQt is still under massive development, Lubuntu 14.10 will be still using LXDE. If you want to test LXQt on your Ubuntu 14.04 or Ubuntu 13.10 system, see the instructions in this article.

Siduction Is The First Linux System That Uses LXQt As Default

Siduction, a Linux system based on Debian Unstable (available only on 64 bit CPUs), is the first Linux OS that uses LXQt as the default desktop environment. The system is based on Kernel 3.14.3 and uses LXQt 0.7 as default.

Due to the fact that Siduction uses the Debian Unstable code base and comes with LXQt, which is still unstable, I recommend the users not to install this system on productions machines. The best way for testing this bleeding edge system is inside a Virtual Machine.


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