Slackel Live KDE 4.10.4 Has Been Released Yesterday + Download Links

Hello Linux Geeksters. Slackel Live KDE 4.10.4 has been released yesterday. As you may know, Slackel is a Slackware based Linux system, with applications and tools from Salix OS, another Slackware derivate.

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Slackel Live KDE 4.10.4 has been released yesterday

Slackel Live KDE 4.10.4 uses the stable KDE version as the default DE, comes with LiveClone, a tool for cd and dvd ripping installed by default, has 1.13.4, gcc 4.8.1 and runs on Linux Kernel 3.9.5. Other installed apps are: Firefox 21, VLC 2.0.6, Clementine 1.1.1, K3b 2.0.2, Calligra Office, KDE KOrganizer, KAddressBook, Okular and other KDE applications.

The installer is really easy to use, even for the unexperienced users. Download links:

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