Solus 1.0 Has Been Released

As you may know, Solus is a free, open-source Linux system built from scratch, using beautiful artwork and an awesome, lightweight desktop environment called Budgie, which has a simple but modern user interface, an applet, notifications and a customization center.

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Ikey Doherty has started work at the system a year and a half ago, and now, Solus 1.0 has been finally released. Because they also develop and maintain the desktop environment, the developers have full control over the system and its components.

Also worth mentioning, Solus is using a package manager called eopkg, which permits the users to install/uninstall software, add and manage repositories et cetera.

Solus 1.0 runs with Kernel 4.3.3 as default, uses Firefox 43.0.2, Nautilus 3.18.4, Rhythmbox 3.2.1, Thunderbird 38.5.0, VLC 2.2.1, has support for UEFI.

Known issues:

  • AMD proprietary drivers don’t support Kernel versions about 3.19 and releases above 1.17
  • Steam needs a workaround to work on non-Nvidia systems
  • HP printers are not supported yet

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