Solus OS 1.0 Will Be Using Kernel 4.3 And The Latest Budgie Builds

As you may know, Solus OS is a beautiful operating system developed by Ikey Doherty.

It is built from scratch, so it does not use Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE or others systems as code-base, using Budgie as the default operating system.

For now, Solus OS, which is a currently a RC version, uses Kernel 4.1.15 LTS by default, but Kernel 4.3 will be used by default on the final version of the system.

The latest Linux kernel, 4.3.x, comes with support for the Intel Skylake CPUs and the new AMDGPU driver. Also, the final version will adopt libinput as a replacement for synaptics and evdev, the latest nouveau packages will be installed from their git snapshots and the latest Budgie version will be used.

There is no timeline set, but Ikey has announced that Solus OS 1.0 is literally around the corner.

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