Some Canonical Developers Critisize Linux Mint For Not Applying Ubuntu Security Updates

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, Linux Mint is the most popular Ubuntu derivative. The first RC version of Linux Mint 16 has been released in two versions: Mate and Cinnamon, a while ago.

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Oliver Grawert, one of the Ubuntu developers has commented on the fact that the Ubuntu security updates don’t apply to Linux Mint because many packages, including the kernel, X.Org changes, Firefox and the boot-loader are not upgraded by default, for customization reasons. A full list of packages that are put on hold from upgrades can be seen on GitHub.

Also, Benjamin Kerensa, another Canonical developer, things that Linux Mint is not an alternative to Ubuntu, since many packages don’t receive updates and so, the system may be at risk.

For those who don’t know yet, Linux Mint 16 Petra (based on Ubuntu 13.10) will be a major release since it comes with Cinnamon 2.0, the first Cinnamon version that is independent from Gnome, MintStick and some other new applications.

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