Split Screen in Kate: KDE Advanced Text Editor

The KDE environment has Kate (KDE Advanced Text Editor) instead of gEdit. In this article I will show you the key combination shortcuts for vertical and horizontal screen splitting.

I use both gEdit and Kate, but I find Kate more powerfull than the Gnome’s equivalent (gEdit).

Install KDE Advanced Text Editor (Kate):

If you are a Gnome user, you can install KDE’s Kate:

Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint installation:

  • sudo apt-get install kate

Fedora, CentOS installation:

  • sudo yum install kate

openSUSE installation:

  • sudo zypper install kate

Split Screen Shortcuts:

Shortcuts for screen splitting in Kate Text Editor:

Vertical Splitting: Ctrl – Shift – L

Horizontal Splitting: Ctrl – Shift – T

Switch between windows: F8 and Shift – F8

Close current window: Ctrl – Shift – R

You can also split the screen from Kate’s Menu:

View -> Split View -> Split Vertical

OR: View -> Split View -> Split Horizontal

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