Temporary fix for the XFCE4 Unmute Problem

As you may or may not know, the XFCE4 Desktop Environment has  a problem with unmute. When you press the mute button on your laptop’s keyboard, the volume goes down, but when you press it again, nothing happenes.

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Possible Explenation:

The mute key mutes both alsamixer and pulseaudio, but when pressing the button for unmute, it unmutes only the alsamixer. And you still not have sound.

This is a temporary fix:

$ pactl set-sink-mute 1 0

I have created this alias for helping me unmute the system: alias unmute=’pactl set-sink-mute 1 0′

If this alias does not satisfy you, you can put this command into an executable file,  and bind it to a combination of keys.

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