Temporary Fix: Left mouse click stops working Debian Sqeeze running under VMWare:

Sometimes, when running Debian Squeeze 6.0.4 under VMWare Player, the left mouse click gets stuck.

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I cound not find any good fix for this, and until I get a better solution, I remove the psmouse module kernel and I add it back, like this:

$ sudo modprobe -r psmouse
$ sudo modprobe psmouse

Also, for an easier use I have created this alias:

alias fixmouse='modprobe -r psmouse && sleep 1 && modprobe psmouse'

Now, all you have to get your left click back is to type sudo fixmouse, in your terminal.

To make this alias persistent, do this:

$ echo 'alias fixmouse=\'modprobe -r psmouse && sleep 1 && modprobe psmouse\'' >> ~/.bashrc


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