The 1TB UbuTab Ubuntu Tablet Is A SCAM!

As you may know, the UbuTab was a Windows/Ubuntu Touch tablet concept with impressive hardware specs, but it did not receive enough money on its Indiegogo campaign.

The problem with Indiegogo campaigns is that the project leader gets whatever money he has managed to gather, despite the fact that the campaigns has not been successfully crowdfunded.

After that, an UbuTab website has been created, and that’s about it. Everything was a scam, the website went does, Nikki Wertish (project manager of UbuTab) stopped responding at mails and the people who have contributed did not receive their items.

But Nikki has updated the IndieGoGo campaign site and announced that the first batch of tablets has been already shipped and the second is under production, the UbuTab being equipped with Windows and regular Ubuntu (not Ubuntu Touch).

So, the no-name tablet with interesting specifications comes with no OS-specific optimizations and use stock operating systems, which can be installed on every tablet by normal users.

It’s like I order a Chinese tablet and install Ubuntu on it. And expect things to work flawless.

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