The CinnXP Theme Makes Your Linux Mint Cinnamon Look Like Windows XP

As you may know, CinnXP is a theme for Cinnamon that makes the system look like Windows XP. Despite the fact that Windows XP is dead, it is still used on old systems and a lot of Linux distributions try to mimic its design.

Linux Mint’s Clement Lefebvre has announced his appreciation for this theme, despite the fact that he is not an Windows XP fan:

“After the Google look… after the Facebook look… here’s an impressive Windows XP theme for Cinnamon. Making my computer look like Windows XP isn’t exactly my thing, but I’m quite impressed with the quality of that theme. Whether it’s in the gradients, shades or shapes, there’s a lot of attention to detail and a finish I’d certainly like to see in more Cinnamon themes. Credits to petrucci4prez for this CinnXP theme.” The theme can be downloaded from here.

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