The Development Of The Fedora Spins Might Be Dropped

Hello Linux Geeksters. The Fedora developers have initiated the Fedora.NEXT, which will bring a bunch of changes. Starting with Fedora 22, the systems will be available in three different versions: Workstation, Cloud and Server. The developers are also thinking at releasing Fedora only with GNOME and KDE and drop the development for the Fedora Spins (Fedora LXDE, Fedora XFCE and Fedora Mate), but no decision has been taken in this case.

The Development Of The Fedora Spins Might Be Dropped

This is what Stephen Gallager from Red Hat said at FESCo (Fedora Engineering Steering Committee):

“During today’s FESCo meeting, there was the start of a discussion on how to approve new Products into the Fedora family. As part of this, it naturally strayed into discussion of what we do about Spins as they currently exist. Several ideas were raised (which I’ll go through below), but we didn’t feel that this was something that FESCo should answer on its own. We’d prefer community input on how to handle spins going forward,”

There are also discussions on whether to release stable versions of Fedora once an year only, not twice, as it was before.

The Fedora developers will present details of the Fedora.NEXT Project at FOSDEM 2014 in Bruxelles, where Jolla is also invited.

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