The Eyrie Music Identifier App Has Been Ported To Ubuntu Touch

Hello Linux Geeksters. Eyrie Music Identifier is a new app created for Ubuntu Touch, by the developer of the CuteSpotify client. The app has similar functionalities with Shazam or SoundHound, using EchoPrint to provide information (like: song name, artist name, album name, etc) about some unknown tracks.

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The app was created for the MeeGo operating system, specially designed for Nokia N9 and Nokia N950, but has been ported to Ubuntu Touch, by using the QT libraries. It is still under development, so freezes and crashes my occur.

Also, a demo video for Eyrie running on LG Nexus 4 powered by  Ubuntu Touch is available above:

Besides the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps and the Ubuntu Desktop apps, Ubuntu  Touch has many apps developed specially for it, including:

For those who don’t know yet, the first stable version of Ubuntu Touch (based on Ubuntu 13.10) has been released in October 2013. The developers have already started work for the next Ubuntu Touch version, which is now based on Ubuntu 14.04, a system that should bring a full mobile-desktop convergence, and make Mark Shuttleworth very happy. Despite the fact that it is not mature enough to compete with Android, Ubuntu Touch has good chances of becoming a popular mobile OS, at least among the Linux enthuriasts.

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