The Fedora Developers Will Most Likely Redesign FedUp, For Fedora 23

The Fedora developers are discussing the possibility of redesigning the FedUp upgrade tool.

As you may know, FedUp is an Upgrade Utility for Fedora, permitting the users to upgrade their Fedora system to the latest workstation/server/cloud version existing.

Will Woods has posted in the mailing lists that the FedUp tool needs to be redesigned for Fedora 23:

“We’ve come to the conclusion that the current design is unsupportable, mostly due to upgrade.img, which turns out to cause more problems than it solves,” says Will Woods. So! For F23, fedup needs to be redesigned. Here’s how it should work.”

The Fedora developer has already created a FedUp plugin for DNF and considers that the upgraded FedUp client should use systemd’s “Offline Updates” functionality to install packages.

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