The First Beta Version Of Thunderbird 23 Has Been Released

Hello Linux Geeksters. Thunderbird 17 Beta 1 has been released yesterday.

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The Mozilla team has ignored Thunderbird for a while, in order to focus on Firefox browser and Firefox OS. The initial plan was to develop and release both Firefox and Thunderbird new versions simultaneously, but they couldn’t stick to it.

Thunderbird 23 Beta 1 Has Been Released

Thunderbird 23 beta 1 brings fixes, in order to make it more stable and secured, a few GUI changes and some improvements. Among the changes, it also allows the user to drag and drop links to the RSS feed.

Thunderbird 23 Beta 1 can be downloaded from the official site, for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. The stable version of Mozilla Thunderbird should be released on the 6th of August, in the same day when Firefox 23 is scheduled.

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