The First Steps in Learning How To Use The Joe Editor

Joe, Joe’s own editor is a powerfull text editor. It is not installed in the system by default, but it can easily be installed with the packet manager.

Installing Joe on the most important Linux distros:

Install Joe on Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint:
$ sudo apt-get install joe

Install Joe on Fedora / CentOS:
$ sudo yum install joe

Install Joe on openSUSE:
$ sudo zypper in joe

The first steps in Joe:

To edit a file in Joe, do this:

$ joe /path/to/file

It edits the /path/to/file if it exists, or create a new file, in the other case.

I recommend you to use joe -help /path/to/file, to get the help window.

The Default Joe Key Combination Shortcuts:

To save, press: Ctrl – KD
To save and quit, use: Ctrl – KX
To quit without saving, hit the classical Ctrl – C
To open a new file press Ctrl – KE and type the full path to your file.

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