The GNOME 3.14 Features Have Been Demoed In A Video

Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, GNOME 3.14 will be released soon, being available by default on Fedora 21 and other Linux systems adopting bleeding edge software, let’s say.

The GNOME 3.14 Features Have Been Demoed In A Video

Among others, GNOME 3.14 comes with a rewritten Adwaita theme, new animations for the launched applications have been added, two new applications to feed results to the system search have been made available via one keystroke, Clocks will now return search results for world cities, a new tool Go Go GTK+ Inspector has been implemented for the developers, the GNOME Photos application got better integration with Picasa, Android and Google+ and the spinners have been enhanced and the HiDPI support has been improved.

Also worth mentioning, GNOME 3.14 is among the first desktop environments with Wayland support. A lot of applications have been already ported to work with Wayland.

For a better impression, see the below video for yourself.

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