The Highlights Of The Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 Update

As you may know, Canonical has worked a lot at Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 lately, an update which will become available starting with next week.

Yesterday, Canonical has published a list of features that have been implemented in OTA4.

The main components that received updates are the following: Indicators, Web Browser, Address Book, Messaging app, Toolkit, Scopes, Qt 5.4.

The indicators icons have been all made monochromatic, the Address Book has received support for importing SIM contacts, a new settings panel and improved the first improved first time user experience for contact sync/import, the Messaging app has received support for group chat, the News scope has received an improved layout, the Today, Nearby and News scopes got support for keywords and scope tagging has been implemented.

Among the applications that has received the biggest number of changes is the internet browser. It has received a new bottom edge gesture for revealing tabs view and another bottom edge gesture to exit fullscreen windows, the save/restore navigation state has been improved, a new settings UI with Privacy settings has been added, better scrolling and chrome integration has been implemented, search suggesstions from URL bar has been added, the tab preview function has been improved and Private browsing has been implemented, among others.

Also, the Ubuntu Touch Toolkit has been updated to version 1.3 and has been migrated to Qt 5.4, but the changes regarding this are under the hood, unnoticeable by the end user so, if you are interested in this changes, see Canincal’s changelog for yourself.

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