The Latest OTA Update For Ubuntu Touch Brings A Huge List Of Changes

As we had anticipated correctly last week, Canonical has released an OTA update for Ubuntu Touch (OTA 3.5), an update which brings fixes for over 15 bugs, some 3G enhancements, fixes for a bunch oc calendar sync problems, removed some crashes regarding ubuntu-keyboard and indicator-network, fixed the bug that drained the battery when the phone was used in airplane mode, patched some routing problems and the suspend problems have been removed.

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Also, the users are now able to create multiple Telepathy accounts, the location services have received improvements and the location services’ settings do not get discarded after reboot, an error that made Ubuntu Store Scope disappear from favorites has been eliminated, the reboot loop issue spotted by the community has been fixed and a few other improvements have been implemented.

The Latest OTA Update For Ubuntu Touch Brings A Huge List Of Changes

Update instructions:

In order to manually check for this update, go to System Settings, scroll down, press the About this phone button, scroll down again and press the Check for updates button. As a reminder, Canonical has adopted a phased update process, meaning that all the users will receive the new update in a 24 hours period.

If everything goes as Canonical hopes, a new OTA update will become available by the end of the week, adopting Ubuntu 15.04 as code base.

The Ubuntu Touch OTA 3.5 update will be pushed to Ubuntu Phone users worldwide starting today, but in phases during the next 24 hours. Therefore, you should check your Ubuntu-powered smartphone for updates and apply them if available. The OTA 4 update may also bring systemd as a replacement for Upstart, this change being already adopted on the Ubuntu desktop.

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