Linux News: The Linux Kernel 3.12 Will Be Named “Suicidal Squirrel”

After the release of the Linux Kernel 3.11, the developers started work for Kernel 3.12. Kernel 3.12 RC1 should be available soon. The developers have already chosen a name for Kernel 3.12, calling it “Suicidal Squirrel”.

Among other changes that will be brought up by Kernel 3.12. worth mentioning are the following:

  • Improved Dynamic Power Management support for AMD Radeon GPUs of the HD 8000 generation
  • Snapdragon KMS for those using Qualcomm ARM SoCs on Linux
  • Dynamically power on/off secondary GPUs in Optimus laptops
  • AMD Berlin HSA APU support
  • Intel Haswell eLLC DRAM cache support for the Iris Pro 5200 graphics systems with 128MB of dedicated RAM
  • Continued work on improving ACPI and power management on Linux
  • New KVM virtualization features
  • Better recovery and aggresive extent caching support for the EXT4 file-system
  • Support for Samsung’s F2FS file-system
  • Support for Lenovo Ideapad Slidebar
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