LXDE-Qt May Join The KDE Group

As you may know, the development of LXDE was very slow in the past years, so the developers of LXDE, in collaboration with the Razor-Qt team have decided to rewrite the entire desktop environment with Qt, renaming the project LXDE-Qt. This information is not new, I have previously written about LXDE-Qt here.

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The LXDE-Qt May Join The KDE Group

The two teams tought of merging since the LXDE-Qt project has been announced. The plan is to pick the best apps of LXDE and Qt and include them into the LXDE-Qt Desktop Environment. There are also rumours saying that LXDE-Qt will join the KDE group, but we can’t know for sure if and when it will happen.

The Razor-Qt project will not be dropped, since the developers have confirmed the release of Razor-Qt 0.6.0. For more information, see the official announcement.

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