The Maxthon Web Browser Gets Linux Support

Hello Linux Geeksters. Maxthon, a freeware internet browser working on Windows and Mac OS X comes to the Linux platform. There is no release date available, but things will get interesting from now. Firefox and Chrome will be obligated to bring new features to the two browsers.

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qVfAWZy - The Maxthon Web Browser Gets Linux Support -

Maxthon is an old internet browser, born in 2002, as an alternative for the buggy Internet Explorer. It has all the basic functions of the modern browsers, like Chrome or Firefox, plus some new functions inexistent in the most popular two internet browsers.

Among others, Cloud Push is a function that enables the users to send data from one device to another, via an Maxthon account. This functions also allows the users to sent information over the internet as SMS or email, so the receiver does not need to have a Maxthon account, in order to get the sent data.

Also, the Cloud Download fuction is something new to the ordinary browsers. It backs up on the cloud all the downloads made via Maxthon, in order to access them from another device.

These are only a few of the awesome functions Maxthon has and others doesn’t. For more information, see the official site.

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