The Next Firefox OS Device, Geeksphone Revolution Will Be Powered By An Intel Atom Chip

Hello Firefox OS Enthusiasts. As you may know, Geeksphone is a Spanish mobile phone manufacturer, that has released a bunch of low-end Firefox OS based devices, under the names of Geeksphone Kean, Geeksphone Peak and Geeksphone Peak+.

Now, they have in plan to release a new smartphone called Geeksphone Revolution, powered by an Intel Atom chip. For now, all we know is that it will be using a 4.8 inch display, which is the largest so far, for any Firefox OS devices.

The Next Firefox OS Device, Geeksphone Revolution Will Be Powered By An Intel Atom Chip

The starting price for Geeksphone Revolution will be most probably about $200, the same as the release price of Geeksphone Peak+. The developers have created the above demo video, comparing Keon’s Qualcomm processor with Revolution’s Intel CPU.

Qualcomm vs Intel in FFOS from Geeksphone on Vimeo.

For those who don’t know yet, Firefox OS is a new Linux based mobile operating system, built by using the new HTML5 technology by the Mozilla developers. For now, it is used as default on smartphones with modest hardware specs, developed by LG, ZTE, Alcatel and Geeksphone. The next Firefox OS based phone will be Huawei Ascend Y300II, which has better hardware specs than all the existing smartphones using Mozilla’s OS.  It has been also ported experimentally on the Google Nexus 7 tablet, but there are some apps that don’t work yet.

Also, there are rumors that Tizen and Firefox OS will unify, in order to have more chances to become important Android and iOS competitors.

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