The NOOBS Installer Has Reached Version 1.3.3

Hello Linux Geeksters. This time, noobs is not synonym to newbies. NOOBS (New Out Of the Box Software) is a 4GB software that has included the most popular Raspberry Pi-compatible operating systems (including: Arch, Raspbian and Raspbmc) enabling the user to choose which one to install on his Pi box. This is ideal for the users that want to try different operating systems and need to easily restore the installation to another OS.

The NOOBS Installas Has Reached Version 1.3.3

A while ago, the NOOBS installer has been updated, reaching version 1.3.3. Among others, NOOBS v1.3.3 comes with new firmware, kernel 3.10, updated Scratch image, PyPy 2.2, Mathematica and Wolfram Language installed by default, updated v4l-utils and V4L2 camera driver and new hardware-accelerated X driver, usable by default. For more information, see the official announcement.

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