The Second Alpha Version Of Firefox 29 Got The Australis Interface

Hello Linux Geeksters. The Mozilla developers have released the second Alpha version of Firefox 29 Aurora, using the new Australis interface, by default. For those who don’t know, Australis has a modern and simplistic look with monochrome icons, rounded tabs, bookmarks, download panel, all together providing a Chrome-like eye experience.

The Second Alpha Version Of Firefox 29 Got The Australis Interface

The Mozilla developers have been working a lot lately at the new interface, but they added it only to the nightly versions of Firefox, and now to the alpha 2 version of Firefox 29.

Also, Firefox 29 Australis Alpha 2 got support for CSS box-sizing, SharedWorker enabled by default CSS3 variables implemented by default, got the support for an input tag of type number enabled and Promises got enabled by default.

Mozilla has other ambitions projects, besides the browser. While they will be releasing their Firefox Launcher for Android soon, they are also working hard at Firefox OS, a Linux based mobile operating system for entry level phones, written completely in HTML5.

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