The Sprite / Raspberry Pi Camera

The geeks from the Robofun Create have built a Raspberry Pi camera that adds the Sprite Logo automatically, on every picture. It is very simple to use, can be used with normal rechargable batteries and it is very easy to access the photos via USB. Some Python script is responsable for the watermarking process. Sprite / Raspberry Pi CameraThere are many USB cables, connecting the inside with the outside. An Wifi USB dongle can also be added, in order to have remote access to the Raspberry Pi via SSH, to be able to easily fix things if necesarry. The shutter button has direct access to the RasPi via GPIO18 pin with a 10K pullup resistor.

Watch Free Movies

Some Romanian dude decided to create an exhibition, where he has exposed all his photos, taken by the Sprite Raspberry Pi Camera. For more information and the photo gallery, see this site.

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